When summer rolls around, it probably feels like the reasons to go out and party double or triple. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a milestone at work, or just enjoying the fact that the sun is out and you have some free time, so many Americans flock to their local bars even more during the summer. But are you accidentally making a major gaffe? Before you head out to your local Vista bar, be sure you aren’t committing any of these social faux pas:


Not Knowing Your Order

When the bar is packed and the bartenders are swamped, this is not the time to ask for advice or otherwise have no idea what you want to drink. If you’re asking for a cocktail that isn’t on the menu, know what goes in it. If you’re ordering for a group, have a list prepared. And, if you don’t know what you want, find a menu or ask your friends. Don’t hold up the line because you’re unsure.


Waving Your Money Around

On a busy night at your local bar, it’s definitely a good idea to show the bartender you are ready to order and pay quickly. That will make their night go more smoothly. However, don’t wave it around like an excited kid; this just makes you look like an over-excited kid and your bartenders will likely just think you’re rude and impatient. Be prepared to pay quickly, but there’s no need to frantically wave a crumpled bill.


Transferring your Tab

If you start a tab at the bar while waiting for a table, don’t ask to transfer the tab to your table when it’s ready. It may not seem like a big deal to you, but this creates a big headache for both your bartender and your server. Instead, take the two minutes to close out your tab and tip your bartender. You’ll likely receive better service if you do.

Ordering Drinks for Others

We don’t mean you should never order drinks for others. However, there are some provisions here, so we should clarify: don’t order drinks you won’t be paying for. If you’re buying a round for your group, absolutely order for everyone. But if you see a group of ladies waiting for ages, don’t be the hero and tack their order onto yours. At least, not unless you’re willing to pay for all of their drinks.


Playing up the PDA

We get it, you’re out having fun, you’ve had a couple drinks, and your significant other is right there with you. Sure, cozy up for a bit of a cuddle in that corner booth, but if you’re at the bar, practice just a bit of restraint. No one wants to watch you make out with your partner—and bartenders hate this because you’re monopolizing space at the bar without ordering more. Enjoy your time, but take the PDA elsewhere, please.


Put these tips to use and enjoy a great night out with creative cocktails and other delicious libations in Vista. Come visit us at Vista Village Pub today!