Why Choose Nightlife at Our Bar?

Adding to Vista’s vibrant nightlife, our Village pub promises that laid-back, ready-for-the-weekend vibe that you’ve been waiting all week for; unless of course, you’ve already joined us Monday through Friday for happy hour because at our restaurant and bar, you don’t really need to wait for the weekend.

Regardless, when you’re looking to just toss your troubles back with some brews and let down your guard, or have a nice calm and relaxing dinner with your friends, you can always rely on our friendly pub waitstaff and bartenders to treat you and your crew right.

At Vista Village Pub, we’re experts in hospitality, providing just the right party pub atmosphere, leaving the obnoxious club vibe behind. Our focus is more keenly aimed at being that welcoming, cool stop between work and home that makes you feel like you’ve got a family of friends just waiting at the bar to see your smiling face. Oh, and then there’s great food for dinner and amazing beers and cocktails; the party is on at Vista Village Pub.

Come join us any day of the week at our bar. Our pub is happily open until 2:00 am, ready to relax and party as much as you like. And bring your friends, we love your friends.