As the temperatures start to dip and the weather finally starts to cool down, many of us start thinking of our favorite fall flavors. Thanks to a certain coffee chain, the fall means everyone starts exclaiming over pumpkin spice everything. But, there’s more to fall flavors than pumpkin and cinnamon! This fall, if you’re really ready to embrace what’s seasonal and delicious, there are a few specific food items to keep on the lookout for, whether you’re visiting our restaurant in Vista or cooking at home. We know it doesn’t exactly look or feel like fall the way they experience it elsewhere in the country, but with fall flavors, you can bring a bit of autumn into your life.

Tubers and Gourds

Fall is generally the time we finally get to dig into those delicious foods that take forever to grow. This is the category of foods that generally grows underground or on a vine and includes things like potatoes, sweet potatoes, beets, and most varieties of squash. Those heartier foods that we tend to associate with fall foods like a good Irish stew are pretty solidified as such because that’s when they’re finally grown and ready to be eaten. Of course, most tubers and squash can last into the winter when stored appropriately, so you don’t have to stop enjoying them when winter comes.


Many people forget that apples actually have a season since they’re so widely available. But, if you’ve ever been apple picking, you probably associate this sweet and tart fruit with fall. Now is the time for a visit to your local orchard for fresh-from-the-tree fruits, cider, pies, and so much more. Make a day of it for a fun family adventure, and create your favorite recipes with your spoils.


Another Irish staple, cabbage may be available year-round, but it’ll be at its best when autumn comes. And, when cabbage is fresh and seasonally served, it doesn’t have to be covered up but the rich flavors of stew, either! Try a fresh fall salad with shredded cabbage, kale (another fall veggie), dried cranberries, a young crumbly cheese like feta, and your favorite nut—we’re fans of pecans. Or, for the purists out there, you can boil or steam your cabbage, but don’t forget to add a bit of white vinegar to the water to help reduce that cabbagey smell.

Fall Fruits

Fruit, as a whole, is a summertime food group. But a couple of delicious fruits, aside from apples, are at their best during autumn. This list includes cranberries, figs, quinces, and pomegranates, all fruits we generally tend to associate with decadence and fall flavors.

Hearty Greens

Those heartier green vegetables like kale, brussel sprouts, leeks, and broccoli are also at their best as we roll into autumn. They can be enjoyed fresh, roasted, included in soups, and so many other ways.

If any of the above ingredients sound familiar, it’s because Irish food really embraced many of the seasonal fall foods. Come visit Vista Village Pub, your local Irish restaurant, to enjoy your fall favorites in hearty Irish combinations. Check out our restaurant menu here, and contact us to reserve your table today!