Hi, and welcome to our new blog! We are so excited to be launching our new site and blog, full of history, interesting facts, and all the amazing things about our pub in Vista. Our restaurant and bar have the flair to set it apart from the rest. You can feel the passion we possess when you walk through our doors, you taste it in the food, and you can enjoy it in your cocktail or brew. Our restaurant is one of kind, not just because it offers a delectable menu, great drink specials, and a unique demeanor, it is special because of each and every one of you who come in our pub in Vista.

In our first blog, we want to open up with makes us so great, and let you know why you have to come try some crisp and cool local beer on tap or our spicy, yet oh so satisfying, spinach jalapeno artichoke dip. If you are coming for our true Irish flair, you have to try our bangers and mash, Irish stew, or our corned beef and cabbage. If dinner isn’t your thing, come for our amazing breakfast and brunch menu that will be sure to satisfy your taste buds. And if all else, fails, stop by for your favorite whiskey.

Here are the reasons we stand out from the restaurant in Vista


When you walk into a restaurant or bar, you want to know their message, and quickly. Not only this, but you also want to be aware of what they are going to bring to the table, as far as your entertainment goes. Well, at our pub, we have a great laid back atmosphere that is great for a family dinner, or for a night out on the town. Our restaurant won’t feel stuffy or too fancy. At the same token, it won’t feel like a club either. Our restaurant gives you the balance that you want in a pub. Our overall motto? We invite you to be yourself, because why would you want to be anyone else?


While we don’t want to brag, our food is worth the trip to Vista. Not only all our dishes made with precision and perfection, we also have a ton of options for every foodie out there. Our main forte is Irish dishes. Being an Irish pub, we have to hold up to our name. We offer some traditional and delicious Irish food to sink your teeth into. Our corned beef is slow cooked for hours, so it just pulls apart with a light touch of your fork. Paired with potatoes, carrots, and horseradish, this is hearty and filling Irish meal. If Irish cuisine isn’t your favorite, no problem! We have many different options, such as amazing and creative burgers, like the Aloha. The Aloha burger is marinated beef in a tasty teriyaki sauce with pineapple, tomato, onion and pickles. If you are someone who just is the plain Jane, get your run of the mill pub dog, a ¼ pound all beef hot dog with your typical fixins. With many other choices on our menu, we are sure you will find your new favorite at our restaurant.


Most anyone will tell you one of their favorite things about a place is the service they have received. People don’t understand the impact of having a good attitude and treating people with respect, but we do in Vista. Our restaurant staff will treat you just like family. They are attentive and listen well to all of your needs and wants. We want you to have a wonderful time at our restaurant bar, so you keep coming back and we see your familiar face. You’ll always be welcomed with a smile and great attitude at Vista Village Pub.

Not only do we care about the great time our customers have, we also care about our staff members at our restaurant. We want our staff to have a positive work environment while putting in their time at our pub in Vista. Communication is something we pride ourselves on, and if our staff is enjoying their time, you know you will be too.


Not only is our staff happy to work at Vista Village Pub, they also have a plethora of knowledge when it comes to your restaurant and the service industry in general. Our staff knows the menu like the back of their hands. Our cooks are always looking for new and creative ways to create your meals, and our bartenders are well versed in not only great cocktails but also the craft beer scene. With so much competition out in the restaurant industry, we know we have the abilities and qualities to stand above the rest.

Whether you want to come see us after a long work day for happy hour, celebrate your anniversary with your sweetheart, or want to go to brunch with your friends after a great weekend, we are here for all your needs. Our restaurant and bar are great for every occasion, so stop in today. Come to a place where individuality is encouraged and you being your true self is all we can ask for. Eat dishes that will have you screaming for more, drink craft beer local to California, and enjoy a nice cocktail with friends. Keep tuning into our blog, where we’ll be diving into the history of restaurants, different types of beer, the history of Irish food, and much much more!